International journal of scientific and technical research in engineering (IJSTRE) Publish monthly, online, open-access and having double-blind peer reviewed is an emerging academic journal in the field of Engineering and Technology which deals with all facets of the field of Technology and Engineering.
Focusing on the rapidly growing requirements of modern scientists, IJSTRE covers a wide range of academic disciplines updated regularly with innovative research.
As earlier stated, there is no special emphasis on just one topic but emphasis is given on all the aspects that can be covered in the domain of Engineering and Technology, so we welcome all the stakeholders of businesses, engineering, scientists and society as a whole to come forward with their new ideas and researches and submit us their articles from anywhere in the world.
We are dedicated to offer researchers a broad range of services. International journal of scientific and technical research in engineering (IJSTRE) delivers support throughout the complete publishing process in an efficient and effective manner, allowing you to focus on the research.

Our vision is simple to partner with researchers and scientific institutes of any size, discipline, or technical literacy, to enable a realization of the full potential of their content in the digital environment, and to increase the efficiency of research in our world. Our services are differentiated by the scope of research issues, through our comprehensive experience and singular focus on the research sector. Our clients value the economies of scale and simplified communications of working with a single, trusted partner.